Quality Standards

As a domiciliary care provider in the UK we are regulated by a number of different bodies covering all aspects of the work we undertake. The various codes of practice ensure that providers and employees in the care industry are delivering high quality care and that the safety of all service users is protected at all times.


They are the independent regulator of all health and social care services in England. Their job is to make sure that care provided by hospitals, dentists, ambulances, care homes and services in people’s own homes and elsewhere meets government standards of quality and safety.

The government standards cover all aspects of care, including:

  • treating people with dignity and respect.
  • making sure food and drink meets people’s needs.
  • making sure that that the environment is clean and safe.
  • managing and staffing services.

They register care services that meet the standards, inspect them to check that they continue to do so, and take action when they don’t.

Care Inspectorate

They are the independent regulator of social care and social work services across Scotland.

They regulate, inspect and support improvement of care, social work and child protection services for the benefit of the people who use them. Various kinds of organisations provide the services they regulate: local authorities, individuals, businesses, charities and voluntary organisations.
It’s their job to regulate and inspect care, social work and child protection services so that:

  • vulnerable people are safe
  • the quality of these services improves
  • people know the standards they have a right to expect
  • we can report publicly on the quality of these services across Scotland
  • we can support and encourage the development of better ways of delivering these services.

General Social Care Council

In 2010 the General Social Care Council produced the Codes of Practice for Social Care Workers. The purpose of the code is to set out the conduct that is expected of social care workers and to inform service users and the public about the standards of conduct they can expect from social care workers. It forms part of the wider package of legislation, practice standards and employers’ policies and procedures that social care workers must meet. Social care workers are responsible for making sure that their conduct does not fall below the standards set out in this code and that no action or omission on their parts harms the wellbeing of the service user.

The two codes for employers and workers go hand in hand because they are complementary and mirror the joint responsibilities of employers and workers in ensuring high standards.

Although the General Social Care Council is no longer operational the Codes of Practice for Social Care Workers is still current and is now regulated by the Health Care Professional Council.

Skills for Care

Skills for Care ensure that England’s adult social care workforce has the appropriately skilled people in the right places working to deliver high quality social care. They work with employers monitoring and recording emerging patterns in the sector, with their focus on workforce development. Their purpose is to keep employers and workers up to date and equipped with the necessary skills to meet the needs of the increasingly diverse social care market.

In 2011 Care Management Services were awarded the Skills for Care Accolade as Best Employer of under 250 Employees. The Accolade was given in recognition of the innovative approach that CMS take in developing our workforce and for offering career development opportunities to all of our employees. You can read more about the Accolade here.


Education Development International (EDI) is a leading provider of education and training qualifications, and assessment services.

In the UK, EDI is accredited by the Government to award a wide range of vocational qualifications, including Apprenticeships and Employability. EDI’s expertise is in quality assuring work-based training programmes working closely with employers, and over 1500 private training providers and further education colleges.

Care Management Services are one of those private training providers. We are accredited by EDI to provide EDI Qualifications Credit Framework (QCF), EDI Vocational Qualifications and EDI National/Scottish Vocational Qualifications in Health and Social Care and the Management of Health and Social Care.

This accreditation allows us to award our staff industry recognised qualifications for the training and work they do with all of our clients. It also gives our staff a motivational target to continually further their personal development.


The Great British Care Awards are a series of regional events throughout England and are a celebration of excellence across the care sector.  The purpose of the awards is to pay tribute to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding contributions within their field of work. .There are 9 regional awards leading to 2 national finals for both the home care (the category in which Care Management Services is featured) and the care home sector.

Frontline staff such as care workers and care managers as well as others who have made an impact in other ways such as training and innovation are all given recognition and have specific award nomination categories.

The awards recognise outstanding achievement across the statutory, independent and voluntary sectors.

The awards have received support from across the social care sector, including the Department of Health, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), Ceretas, the English Community Care Association (ECCA), the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), the National Skills Academy and Skills for Care.