Our Clients

These are the people that make our service what it is; they inspire and motivate each and every one of us. We actively encourage our clients to look beyond their physical limitations and push beyond their personal boundaries in order to achieve. This of course means that we look for clients who are aspirational and determined; we truly believe this is the key to successful independent living.

Since the beginning of CMS our clients have achieved some pretty spectacular things; many have graduated university, some have started careers, a few have overcome physical fears and engaged in sports they never thought possible (water skiing, rally driving, sailing and more), some have started relationships and one has recently been married. These are my kind of people; I admire the qualities in each of them.

Thankfully they have some nice things to say about us too.

“With the help of CMS, I moved out of my family home and into student accommodation that fully met my needs. My 24/7 care package has helped me achieve a new level of independence, and I take part in many activities related to my Drama course, such as choir and various plays and musicals. This year CMS helped me to go on two different holidays. The first was a music society tour of Slovenia with the choir. The second was to Handicamp, in Norway, where I got to try things like zip-lining, sailing and go-karting. CMS have supported me throughout my time at university, and have helped me to become a lot more social and active.”


“With the help of CMS my dream of attending university and living independently is beginning to take shape and become a reality, together we have overcome the obstacles that made me think this was impossible. My horizons are being broadened and my confidence is growing as the scale of this step towards my future is dawning on me, as huge as it is I’m seizing the opportunity. Having the support of CMS is enabling me to do this for myself and I can see the weight gradually being lifted off the shoulders of my parents, which is making our relationship much more healthy.”


We work very closely with each clients family and we offer full support to them. They too have given some kind words.

“CMS have inspired and guided my son along the path to independence. As a mother of a severely disabled young man I didn’t think something like this was possible; to see him grow in confidence and excitement for the future is wonderful. The relationship I have with my son is changing for the better and thanks to CMS we all have a brighter, more exciting and liberating path to follow. All any mother wants for their children is to achieve their goals, realise their dreams and be happy! Sam is embarking on his own journey supported by CMS to fulfil his dreams and it is truly remarkable to observe.”