Our Team

I’d like to introduce you to some of the team here at CMS. Over the years I’ve built up a management team that share my vision for how we can support our clients to successfully live independently. It’s important that the people who work in CMS have a real understanding of the service and the needs of those who use it. Everyone, at all levels of the business, are fully trained in delivering care, this not only gives us the necessary back up and support but it keeps everybody in touch with the core values of the business.
My family were hugely supportive of my own move to independence when I left home to go to university; they played a vital role in making it a success. Anyone who is embarking on this process will need the support of their nearest and dearest; which can be a lot to ask and a daunting task for all involved. My family now form part of the management team at CMS; and with their unique skills and experiences, can offer complete support not only to potential clients but also to those who support them.
The others in the team have come from a number of diverse backgrounds and bring their own skills and experiences to further enrich what we do.

Gordon McClurg (BA) Managing Director

Gordon (33), founder and Managing Director of Care Management Services, was diagnosed aged three with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Throughout this muscle wasting disorder, Gordon has focussed on leading a normal active family life, involving all 5 family members in his business. This has taken him through 14 years of mainstream education and four years of a Business Degree at the University of Northumbria from which he graduated with Honours in 2001. He has encountered many obstacles to living a normal life and has developed his own techniques for overcoming them. He now lives independently in a purpose designed bungalow with continuous care support from his own team of personal care assistants. Gordon leads an active professional & social life and has established Care Management Services to provide advice, support and Care Services to other young disabled people who wish to live independently. Winner of several regional and National Awards he works at every level in the industry to advance opportunities for those with severe needs, travelling extensively on business and socially at home and abroad.


Norvil McClurgNorvil McClurg (MBA) Care Director

Following a long career in National and Multinational business and a spell as consultant with Durham University, Norvil McClurg has undertaken the management of Care Operations in Care Management Services, dealing with client families, needs assessments, funding negotiations and care package planning.  With his business qualifications and experience Norvil McClurg strengthened the organisational structure of the company designing the successful discrete Care Team model employing dedicated local staff and Team Leader to set and deliver high standards of care and caring and encourage clients to high levels of aspiration and achievement.