I started Care Management Services as a profoundly disabled young man who required 24 hr care support to live independently. At the age of 18 I made the decision to leave home, go to university and be independent. I thoroughly researched the market for care companies to provide the high level quality care that would make it possible for me to live independently and achieve my ambitions. I quickly found that many of the companies did not have the experience required in managing 24 hour care packages for young disabled people. They were set up to deal with elderly people that required adhoc ‘pop-in’ care. Many made promises they were unable to deliver or keep. After a failed attempt with one company, I realised that if I wanted the type of care I wanted, I would have to employ my own carers directly. I began the process of becoming an employer and building up the experience of running a care package. I put my degree in business studies to good use. I also had the support of my father who is experienced in business and recruitment.

After graduation it became evident there was a gap in the market for this type of care for the increasing number of young aspirational disabled people wishing to be independent and successful themselves. During my time at university I had many enquiries from people living with similar conditions to me, to seek my help and advice. I always had a desire to work for myself and have my own business so the opportunity arose to start Care Management Services in order to help and support these individuals.

Gordon McClurg

Managing Director