A Monstrous Weekend

Posted on May 19, 2014 by stuart


Gordon McClurg with England fly half Tom Mitchell

During a warm and pleasant weekend in mid-May, I led a CMS Team visiting the London Rugby 7’s Tournament, part of the International 7s Series at Twickenham.  The team comprised carers Fiona and Dimitar and myself, Gordon. This was my third consecutive year attending the 7’s at ‘Twickers’. For those who don’t know about ‘7s’, it’s a compact version of rugby with 7 players on each team playing two halves of 7 minutes each. This results in a much faster and higher scoring game with multiple games played during each day of the 2 day competition, beginning with a Groups competition of 16 teams in 4 groups before a knock out competition finishing with the final. The International 7’s series of Tournaments comprises 9 rounds at different locations around the world throughout the year, with Twickenham being the final one in the Series.

Gordon McClurg with The London Cheerleaders

Each year a dressing-up theme for the spectator crowd attracts huge interest and ingenuity with most fans getting into the spirit by making a real effort. This year the theme was monsters. I donned a Cookie Monster whole body ‘Onesie’ to participate in the monster theme. Fiona wore a pink monster suit in which Dimitar automatically took a keen interest and elected to try it on himself.  Dimitar enjoyed dressing up so much that on the second day he borrowed my costume. There was a host of different monsters including, Monsters Inc., many Minions, Honey Monsters, Zombies and Mr Blobbys. This year there was a record attendance over 72,000 people attending the 7’s on the Saturday and everyone certainly had a really good time. But I did feel a little sorry for the residents of Twickenham when many friendly but slightly drunken monsters were released onto the streets at 6pm.

The 2014 London 7’s was won by the team New Zealand which was also the Winner of the entire Series. During the award ceremony we were entertained by a demonstration of the Hakka, New Zealand’s Maori celebration dance. England did very well finishing in third place; sadly Wales and Scotland did not fare so well.

In a great weekend, we also managed to squeeze in a West End Show, ‘12 Angry Men’ on the Friday . By the end of the weekend we were all ’monstered’ out.