CMS Feature in Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Group Newsletter PENlines

Posted on June 3, 2013 by stuart


An interesting aspect of the work of a CMS carer is that, as clients require assistance with consuming food and ingesting sufficient nutrition, they sometimes use a PEG Feeding system to introduce nutritional liquid directly into the tummy. This is a more specialised aspect of care for which CMS carers undergo training and qualification.  The National Association for Specialists in Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (PEN) produces a regular Newsletter for members and following a chance encounter at a London Awards dinner last year Care Director, Norvil McClurg was asked to contribute an article about the work of CMS in this field and how its clients benefit. This article is currently FEATURED in PEN’s newsletter ‘PENlines’ to share CMS’ experience of engaging with dieticians and nutritional management in the neuromuscular world. The feature includes experiential evidence of how CMS interacts with specialists, such as PEG nurses, to provide effective, top quality care to its clients. See an excerpt below,

“Managers enjoy a close relationship with the PEG team at client’s hospitals and staff are trusted to manage, maintain and change PEG units in emergency situations, as happened recently when a client suffered a cracked PEG unit whilst on holiday in Eastern Europe. We obtained a replacement unit in UK & flew it out to Prague where it was satisfactorily fitted by the competent carer, back up arrangements having been made with a PEG team in a Dresden hospital should anything have gone wrong. It has been helpful to be able to mediate between hospital specialists and nervous clients and families considering worrying issues of nutritional supplements and surgical procedures.”

As well as providing much information about working with specialists and exploring the implications for staff managing client’s nutritional needs, it also sets out other organisations with which CMS collaborates. Other aspects of the article explain the recognition CMS has received in the Care sector, winning a number of varied prestigious awards. It also details where the company operates in the Country and the specific conditions for which CMS provide care.

The primary aim of the PEN Group (Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Group of the British Dietetic Association) is to facilitate dieticians working in parenteral and enteral to employ best evidence based practice. In addition the PEN group also acts as a voice of professional expertise for and on behalf of dieticians working in the parenteral and enteral field. The PEN group committee acknowledges that these aims cannot be achieved by a committee but rely on active participation of its membership. The PEN group provides channels and forums so that through the cohesive work of the PEN group committee and members can deliver excellence in nutritional support.

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