Latest CQC Inspection Report

Posted on November 5, 2012 by stuart

Care Management Services received an ‘unannounced CQC inspection’ this summer and their report has just been published. This was a routine inspection to check that the required essential standards of quality and safety were being met. This is done by examining our processes and records and by interviewing CMS clients and staff around the UK.

We are delighted to say that we received approval on all of the areas that were inspected and additionally received many complimentary comments from clients, staff and inspector. Below is the Report’s Summary but you can read the full report under the ‘Quality Standards’ section listed under the ‘Services’ tab at the top of each page on this website.

“People told us they were happy with the care and support they received. They confirmed they were given choices in life and staff supported them to take some risks and be independent”

People we spoke with said, “I am really happy” and “Overall I have had my system going for 3 years and so the day-to-day routines are well established and meet my needs.”

People said they could receive medical and specialist attention when they needed it and were helped to fulfil their social needs within their home and the wider community.

People we spoke with said “I have lots of holidays and am about to have my next one, staff help me to achieve this” and “I can follow my interests and staff are supportive.”

They said staff were kind and caring and seemed to be well trained. People confirmed they were given the opportunity to comment on the service, change routines or raise concerns.

To read the full CQC Inspection report click here.