Great North East Care Awards 2012

Posted on October 16, 2012 by stuart

The Great North East Care Awards will once again be taking place in Gateshead this Novemeber and we are very proud to announce that all of our 4 nominations have been shortlisted for the awards.

Team GM

The team have been nominated in the Care Team category. Lead by Morag, the team have have worked like clockwork over the past year to facilitate all of Gordon’s many travel plans and projects, with many of Gordon’s carers stepping up and taking responsibility for co-ordinating and managing.

Paul Connor

Paul has been nominated in the Ancilliary Worker category. As well as his administration role Paul is involved in planning and developing CMS events to bring clients and carers together as well as providing vital back up care support.

Maria Field

Maria has been nominated in the Care Trainer category. Maria has been instrumental in establishing CMS as an accredited centre for the delivery of QCF Care qualifications; she is dedicated to furthering the professional development of each and every member of staff.

Laura King

Laura has been nominate din the Frontline Leader category. Earlier this year Laura took on the role of acting Team Leader before going onto a Project Managment role. Laura has been overseeing a new client start up and co-ordinating the transition from home to uni life.